We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of BCN Servicios for their commendable work in upgrading the premises. Through their efforts in managing the complex of Oceana Casa del Mar, our complex is improving daily.
This is a very busy season for Rosarito. Take extra precaution in making sure your visitors and guests know the rules and regulations of the complex and are aware of parking and maximum occupancy rules during their stay. Thank you.


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Rosarito Info
For the best information on Rosarito Beach and what to do here. This site takes you to local stores and events to find out what is happening in Rosarito Beach, Baja California.

Rosarito Bi-Annual Bike Race
Get all the latest news and information regarding the famous bicycle fun ride held in Rosarito twice a year.

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Mexico Expo Travel Guide... Mexico's Largest Internet Travel Guide. Before you go to Mexico... Go to Mexico Expo!

Explore the Magic of Movie Making in Rosarito. Discover how many of the special effects are created in movies.

Fox Studios Baja
Visit Fox Studios in Rosarito. This is where Titanic was filmed and has some of the largest water tanks that make excellent filming locations. Many movies with water scenes such as Pearl Harbor, Deep Blue Sea, and others have been filmed here.

Papas and Beer
One of the most famous beach club attractions for many years. This beach club is the biggest on the west coast and hosts some of the most popular events for the youth.

CNN Weather Report
Get the local conditions in Rosarito along with a five day forecast.

Rosarito Department of Tourism
For tourist information on Rosarito Beach and the surrounding community.

Rosarito Municipality Website
Official Municipality Website (Spanish)


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